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去年夏末,十大靠谱网赌 自豪地宣布 学生生活中心的新计划.E. 芬利活动中心. 33,000-square-foot facility will expand the school’s current 运动 facilities to provide new features including dining services, 会议区域, 健康和冥想室, and a revamped RavenZone school store — all part of a holistic vision of wellness that will transform student life on campus.

作为建设项目的一部分, 拆除现有大堂, 体育办公室, 客房和小卖部将于2020年9月中旬投入使用.



自1974年成立以来,美国棒球协会.E. 芬利活动中心 — colloquially known as the Finley Center — has housed 运动s, 适应度和P值.E. 课堂、全校聚会、美术项目等等. 为期18个月的扩建和改造旨在将“活动” 回到空间, harkening back to the time when it hosted a senior lounge with ping-pong and foosball tables.

艾米板条, Ravenscroft董事会主席, 将该项目描述为“长期规划的完美融合”, 实时响应学生的需求, 还有一位首席捐赠人的慷慨. Ravenscroft一直把十大靠谱网赌排行社区的健康和福祉放在首位, 十大靠谱网赌排行发现,现在比以往任何时候都更重要的是要注意社会, 身心健康,”她说。.

十大靠谱网赌排行的社交空间变成了学习空间,菲尔·希金森说, 慈善学院副院长, “and the generosity of leadership donors allows us to build buildings on the backs of philanthropy, 没有学费.“把空间比作 凯姆创新与研究中心, which opened after a strategic renovation of the Library and Technology Center in 2018, he called the Center for Student Life “another tool for our faculty and staff to do amazing things for our students.”

Debris from the demolition of the front side of the 芬利活动中心 is quickly cleared to make way for the next phase of construction.



的一个.E. 芬利活动中心仍然是主竞技场的所在地, 游泳中心和健身设施, 以及运动和体育教育部门. 但改造将为空间带来许多新元素, 提供额外的设施,以增强学校现有的产品. 新的餐饮设施, 例如, will allow Middle and 上学校 students the flexible seating options they’ll encounter at many colleges while also giving 较低的学校 students more time and elbow room in the existing Dining Hall.

学生生活中心也为高年级学生创造了一个社交中心. 坐落在中学和高中之间, 它将为学生提供“额外的独立性”,高中院长凯特·贝尔克说. “It’s separate from our strictly academic spaces and allows our kids an inviting social space.”

中学校长Tinnie Salzano坚决同意. “Having safe and comfortable social spaces for tweens and early teens is imperative for their social-emotional growth,”她说。.

Higginson强调这个空间是“社区建设”的场所,这对高中校长亚伦·桑德斯特罗姆来说尤为重要. “We have a vibrant student life program but not necessarily the spaces to fully support it,桑德斯托姆说. “十大靠谱网赌排行希望鼓励孩子们进行积极的社会互动, 会议开始了, 教室, 研讨会和用餐空间可以有很多不同的用途.”

航空摄影, 这张照片摄于墨菲霍尔高中上空, 显示了改造和扩建的范围.

最终,学生生活中心在A.E. 芬利活动中心 will be a place for students to bond and forge the lifelong relationships that are vital to their social and emotional well-being.

“Healthy, boundaried relationships are essential to a learning environment,” Higginson concluded. “十大靠谱网赌排行知道这种情况在大学里经常发生, 如果十大靠谱网赌排行让孩子们为下一阶段做好准备, 十大靠谱网赌排行需要让他们有能力管理自己的生活.”

享受照片和校友的记忆.E. 芬利活动中心多年来 乌鸦回答.

以上, 这幅效果图展示了新建筑的当代线条, 学生生活中心光线充足的用餐设施.E. 芬利活动中心.




支持ers Turn Determination and Philanthropy into a Legacy of Innovation for the 21st Century

随时了解学生生活中心建设工作的最新情况 专用项目页面!


美国大学学生生活中心.E. 芬利活动中心 isn’t the only new space on campus that makes student wellness a priority. Three additional projects have recently been made possible by donor generosity:

LJ 's Place, Murphy Hall高中
在2019年秋天, the 上学校’s significant renovations included an outdoor patio space facing the quad, 配有野餐桌和低矮的墙壁. 多亏了雷福尔家族的慷慨, 这个空间被正式命名为“LJ的地方”,以纪念伦纳德·约翰逊, 商业与金融学院副院长.

The patio has become a gathering spot for students as the 上学校 population has grown. “We often tax our available spaces for students during study hall and club meetings,凯特·贝尔克说, 高年级院长. “LJ 's Place给十大靠谱网赌排行的孩子们提供了一个见面和社交的地方, and the best part is that it’s outside so they can get out of the building for a little bit.”

The 上学校’s Coffeehouse Club has been using the patio as a performance venue, 而老师在天气好的时候在外面上课. 由于今年秋天实施了社交距离限制, 一些类, 咨询室和自习室在LJ广场搭起的大帐篷里开会, 进一步推动了高中灵活聚会空间的概念.

已经是高中学生最喜欢的聚会场所, LJ’s place is now set up with a large tent to accommodate socially distanced club and class meetings regardless of the weather.

心脏/调节中心,A.E. 芬利活动中心
A的另一个空格.E. 芬利活动中心获得了新生, thanks to a challenge from parents Pablo Martinez and Maria Adamik-Martinez during last winter’s Fund-A-Need live auction 事件. 位于A区新健身房的上方.E. 芬利活动中心, 新的有氧运动中心, 预计将于今年秋天开放, overlooks the back gym and gives students and employees access to fitness equipment and workout space outside the purview of an official 运动 program.

A wall of windows floods the area with natural light and offers “a different dynamic than the weight room, 学生运动员通常使用哪一种,体育主管助理吉姆·吉本斯说. This space — with more than a dozen cardio machines and areas for stretching and conditioning — encourages Ravens to “apply what they’ve learned in ninth-grade P.E. 并成为终身健身的支持者.” The cardio and conditioning room will be open during the construction of the Center for Student Life and, 正如希金森所说, “会和新的瑜伽和冥想空间很好地搭配吗?.”

为学生提供了一系列的有氧运动和调节设备, 教职员工多了一种优先考虑自身健康的方式.

新的大学摔跤训练中心, 由一位慷慨的匿名捐赠者资助, 也计划在今年秋天开业吗.

“It’s a huge step forward for us as a program,” said varsity wrestling coach Garrett Cummings. “这给了十大靠谱网赌排行足够的训练空间, and we now have the ability to bring in the 中学 team and practice as a program.”

该中心位于理查兹大厅, just steps away from the teams’ competition venue in Cox Court — will feature 12 wrestling circles, 更衣室和教练办公室, as well as state-of-the-art training equipment and a weight room named after longtime Ravenscroft math teacher and wrestling coach Ed 达勒姆. 达勒姆, who retired in 2018 and passed away in January 2020 after a courageous battle with brain cancer, 他是“摔跤项目和十大靠谱网赌排行运动员的忠实拥护者吗?,校长多琳·凯利说.

卡明斯也有同感, noting that the new weight training space is a tremendous honor to 达勒姆’s legacy and a testament to his vision and work building the wrestling program over the past decade. “As coaches we’re thrilled to have access to such great facilities and hope the new location gives some more visibility to our sport,他补充道.

理查兹大厅的新摔跤中心将以摔跤圈为特色, training equipment and a weight room as well as a locker room and coaches’ office.